Thursday, 12 July 2012

Me on Satche.:)

Bloggers United 2

Okay so this is literally a "Better Late than Never" post. HAHA. Bloggers United 2 happened last December 2011 and it is only now that I decided to make a blog post about it. HAHA.:)
It was all because of the photo I accidentally saw while browsing Ms. Raiza Poquiz' blog.<3

I was really surprised when I saw this photo. Maybe for some it's just nothing or I'm just over-reacting. But hey, seeing yourself together with the other bloggers ( including one of my favorites, Ms.Laureen Uy.)  in ONE PAGE of Satche Magazine? Isn't that something? :) 

Bloggers United is one of the best events I've been to. Thanks to my sister, Kreiza. :) I really enjoyed roaming around the hall trying to look for nice finds. There were a lot you will have a hard time choosing what to get,I swear! HAHA. Plus, you will have the chance to see and buy stuffs from your favorite bloggers. Isn't that cool?:)

With Lovely, Laureen. :)
I was really sad I wasn't able to go to Bloggers United 3. :( But I swear I'll be there on the next event! I won't miss it anymore!! :))

For those who haven't been there, ITRY niyo please, sobrang bongga! :) And I'm sure you will crave for MOOORE. :)

Till next time,
<3 Kryzelle :)

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