Sunday, 28 October 2012

Model for a day :)

This was my first time to do a real photo shoot, I mean being dolled up by someone, designer clothes, lights, flashes... well, it was such an amazing experience.:) 


Behind-the-Scenes Photos:
She doesn't look like 30! She's so pretty:)
All of the other models are GORGEOUS!! I just ended up staring at them. o.O. HAHA.
Nakakapagod pala magsmile ng ilang oras ah. Kalerks! Softdrinks
The Amazing team behind the successful shoot.:)

I only gathered few decent photos from the shoot so hope you guys will like it.:)
Tadaaa! :)
Hollywood star ang peg! haha
I feel like I am part of the Cullen Family here, very Vampire-ish. HAHA. 

Yey! What's your favorite photo of me?
Hope you like them as much as I do. :)

<3, Kryzelle :*

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Feeling Barbie in the City

Last week, I was invited to join a Photo shoot for a cause for a child with Leukemia. She is Lea Joven, a Filipino kid, who's struggling to fight her sickness. Who am I to say no? I lost two of my family members before due to cancer so I know how hard it is for them.:(

It was such a great feeling knowing that I have helped in raising money for her treatment.:) She is a girl full of hope that one day she can also play outside like an ordinary kid does. Please help me pray for Lea and for her full recovery. I'll blog the other details and photos on my next post.

On to my outfit, doesn't it shout "Barbie-ness"? HAHA. I really love this pink dress that I bought from Zara. It is just me, very girly. :) And it is also in the theme for this month's Breast Cancer Awareness (although I'm late i know! :p). Let's all fight that freakiiiiin CANCER!! :)
Dress from ZARA, Shoes from Primadona, Watch from my Dad :) , Bag from Louis Vuitton
Life is beautiful and so are you. :)

Have a nice weekend lovesss! 

<3,  Kryzelle :)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Dubai Flea Market :)

Okay. So dahil namiss ko mag- Ukay-Ukay talaga dyan sa pinas. Go na sa Dubai Flea Market! lol :D
That was the third time that I went para makigulo sa Flea Market.:) It's like Super Sale Bazaar or Blogger's United event in the Philippines. And because I sooo miss makipagtawadan sa market, feel ko dito. :) You can buy all kinds of stuffs, from house decorations, clothes,bags,shoes, gadgets, LAHAT! :)
The event started at 8 am, I forced my dad to come with me since I don't have anybody else to go with.:( 
And I was shocked sa haba ng pila! My god! Good thing my Dad has super singit skills. HAHA.:D

I was so happy with the stuffs that I bought. And suddenly I missed my friends and my sister who love Bazaars as well. I know it would be more fun if I'm with them. Drama ko na naman. :D
Till the next Flea Market! :)

Kryzelle <3