Monday, 30 July 2012

Fashion Inspirations

Common Interest

Viewing their blogs almost everyday totally became my HABIT! :) From waking up in the morning, even at work, Shhhh. HAHA. :D These girls are just wonderful! Seeing their outfits for each day inspires me to also improve my style. :)

Kryz Uy

Camille Co

Laureen Uy

Tricia Gosingtian

Vern Enciso

Bea Benedicto

Anastasia Siantar

Daniela Ramirez

Nicole Richie

Leighton Meester

Yay! It's so nice to see them complete here in my page! Haha. I super love these girls! <3
Visiting their page is a stress relief for me!:) REALYYYY! I feel happy whenever I see them. Lesbian lang ang peg? haha. My ultimate dream is to be a fashion designer/Stylist, actually . :)
 Thanks girls for inspiring me.:)

Friday, 13 July 2012

Hate the Distance

Jet lag

"You say good morning 
When it's midnight Going out of my head 
Alone in this bed 
I wake up to your sunset 
It's drivin me mad 
I miss you so bad 
and my heart heart heart is so jetlagged."

This song keeps on playing in my head for two days now. Being in a long distance relationship is not easy. I SWEAR i'll kill those who will say it is. haha. But seriously, only two people with the most serious intentions and the most sincere LOVE can surpass the most nakakainis thing in my life right now. :(  I really hate the distance between me and my boyfriend, but I hope in the end, it would be worth it. :)
My boyfriend has something to do with what I am wearing right now. HAHA. This morning we were texting and I told him I'll go to the church with my Dad. And that I'm wearing skirt, proud pa ako,kala ko matutuwa siya!  And then he said " Bakit ka nakaskirt? ( He assumed it's a mini skirt, sorry hindi ko namention na mahaba siya. My bad! HAHA. He doesn't want me wearing short skirts/dresses. Nagagalit siya, pero kinikilig ako pag ganon.:) He's just trying to be protective of me cause you know, mga tao dito.. HAHA. :D
Top from GAP
Skirt from SPLASH,  Bag from SM Accessories
Every Friday, my date partner is my Dad. :) We attended the Filipino Mass at St. Mary's Church and we went shopping at City Center. It's still on SALE here in Dubai! Almost all the stores are giving 50-70% discount, that's why I'm very HAPPY and I can't hide my excitement every time we go to malls! HAHA. :)
Sandals from Forever 21

Necklace from H&M, watch from Max
Back to the topic.HAHA. I'm so sorry I just type whatever my mind says. See? When the topic is about malls and shopping I get so euphoric and I totally forgot about my sadness and all. haha. :) But seriously, I MISS HIM SO MUCH. :(  When I was still in the Philippines, he's my shopping buddy,my photographer,everything! I miss those times.:( 
I'll just keep in mind all the time that "Our Love is stronger than the distance between us."<3

Hope you enjoy this look!
Kryzelle :)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Me on Satche.:)

Bloggers United 2

Okay so this is literally a "Better Late than Never" post. HAHA. Bloggers United 2 happened last December 2011 and it is only now that I decided to make a blog post about it. HAHA.:)
It was all because of the photo I accidentally saw while browsing Ms. Raiza Poquiz' blog.<3

I was really surprised when I saw this photo. Maybe for some it's just nothing or I'm just over-reacting. But hey, seeing yourself together with the other bloggers ( including one of my favorites, Ms.Laureen Uy.)  in ONE PAGE of Satche Magazine? Isn't that something? :) 

Bloggers United is one of the best events I've been to. Thanks to my sister, Kreiza. :) I really enjoyed roaming around the hall trying to look for nice finds. There were a lot you will have a hard time choosing what to get,I swear! HAHA. Plus, you will have the chance to see and buy stuffs from your favorite bloggers. Isn't that cool?:)

With Lovely, Laureen. :)
I was really sad I wasn't able to go to Bloggers United 3. :( But I swear I'll be there on the next event! I won't miss it anymore!! :))

For those who haven't been there, ITRY niyo please, sobrang bongga! :) And I'm sure you will crave for MOOORE. :)

Till next time,
<3 Kryzelle :)

Monday, 9 July 2012


This is one of my "ang-bait-ni-kryzelle " looks. HAHA. :) I don't know why but I really felt like I'm so mabait and feminine while in this dress. Weird. :D Just ignore my weirdness, heartbroken kasi. :'>

I bought this dress at the Dubai Flea Market. OMG! I'm so excited to post about that event and also to show you my purchases! HAHA. Shopping makes me sooo happy. :)) Literally, I forget about all my problems whenever I see clothes. Cloud 9. : D

Headband from Forever 21, Watch from Timex,
 Bag from Stylehub, Shoes from Primadona
This dress has no label but I love it! :) Well, that's me when it comes to shopping. I don't care about the brand or price, for me that's not important,as long as it looks good on you and you feel comfortable with it, BUY ASAP!! haha :D
Oh diba lakas mka-girlyyy! :)

This week has been tough for me but I'm trying to just shift my focus on things I love doing, like dressing up and blogging :) Let's just be thankful for the things that we still have, cause we don't know when it will be taken away from us. :'> Whatever happens, I'll try to be stronger this time! :) Okay, enough for the drama. :)

Smile everyone! Hope you enjoy this look! :)


I'm almost ready to dye my hair lighter than its present shade but I'm thinking if I should really go for it. HAHA. Going to a salon to get my hair done is never my choice. Why? Because I am very particular with my hair and if the result is not what I'm expecting, Umaarte talaga ako tapos sisimangot. HAHA. That's why I'm really trying to do everything on my own except for haircut, but I'm the one trimming my bangs,haha. I'm proud.:)

So what do you think? Help guys! :)
Kryzelle <3

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Not too short :)

Just a random post to catch up for this week.:) I really love the dress that I'm wearing here cause I got it from Laureen Uy during the Super Sale Bazaar.:) I so love Laureen! She's so sweet and nice when we met her. Actually I met her twice or thrice and she's always the same, lovely Laureen. :)
Dress from Folded and Hung
Bag from ALDO
Necklace from H&M
Dubai is a free country but they still hold on to their culture. Women are expected to dress appropriately. Locals here cover their entire body. AS IN OA sa pagka-all over! Even their eyes can't be seen. I'll post some pictures soon to prove to you. So to show respect to their culture, I refrain from wearing too short clothes, unlike in the Philippines I can wear everything, it's very different here. You can wear those types of clothes but all eyes would be on you.HAHA. So wag nalang.:) That explains why I'm wearing stockings here cause the dress is too short to wear or parang hindi acceptable here. So para safe lang.HAHA. :)

Sorry for the quality of the photos, I'm only using my fone here. Hope you will still enjoy this look! :)

Kryzelle :)