Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I know! I know! It has been ages since I last posted a look. :D You can say that I've been really busy with my vacation and all these stuff!:) I almost forgot that I have an account to update. lol. Anyway, it's been 2 weeks since I left Dubai, namiss ko konti, kasi super enjoy dito sa Pinas!!! :) Love na love ko ang usok and traffic, ang init, haha! I'll blog about the latest happenings on my vacation on my next post. So please stay tuned kahit ang tamad ko na! I'll make bawi I swear :)

These photos were taken during my last 2 days in Dubai. Pinilit ko dad ko and uncle mag-roadtrip! :) We went to Jumeira Beach Park so I can take a photo with a bigger view of Burj Al Arab, yung unang picture ko kasi sobrang liit lang niya. haha. 

Since we headed to the beach (although I really don't have plans na mgswim!:) ) I went all Summerryyy! :) Grabe lang yung init sa Dubai, mga 15 mins lang ako jan tapos nangitim nako ng mga 20%! LOL :D
Floral jumpsuit from Forever 21, Denim Shirt from Ukay Ukay, Bag and Fedora from H&M, Watch from Aldo

Right now, I am enjoying my back to school moments at SoFA. :) I'm so happy to have met new friends, not just plain friends but gorgeous and super nice girls (Tophie, if you're reading this I am considering you as a girl, yey!:) I'm still thrilled and overwhelmed that our instructor for the Fashion Styling Class is Ms. Marina Benipayo. She's a Fashion Icon in the Philippines and we all look up to her.:) Did I mention that she's so coooool and she makes learning super fun!!:)

 Happiness is really about doing what you want and surrounding yourself with positive people, those who are sharing the same dreams with you and making every step to reach it.:) 

Love, Kryzelle <3

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Do you guys love picnics with family and friends? :) If yes, then maybe you'll enjoy one of the famous parks here in Dubai. This is the latest spot I've been to. Hope you'll love the photos sweeties.:)
Relaxing, eh? 
Emoterang frog. HAHA :D
Daming babies! Cutie Patoties! :))

1 more week and I'm ready to go back home. I can't explain the feeling. Surely, I will miss this beautiful city and I will take with me not only these photos but the experiences and wonderful friendship I've built during my stay. Thank you, Dubai. You will always have a special place in my heart. <3 Cheesy much! lol 

Anyway, I'm set to go to Jumeirah Beach Park this weekend where I can see the beautiful view of Burj Al Arab. I've been dying to take a photo there! Hindi kumpleto stay sa Dubai kapag walang picture don! :P So stay tuned for that.:) Most probably, that would be the last place I can show you. But who knows Dubai and I will meet again.:) 

Love, Kryzelle <3

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Wherever the wind takes me

Just a quick post of what I wore yesterday during our picnic at the Dubai Creek Park. It was actually freezing cold here and for those who's wondering why I am wearing a sleeveless top, well not really! I have my cardigan with me of course!:) Summer is really my favorite time of the year and I miss the heat already! Can't wait to experience Philippines' Summer once again! :)
Don't you just love my satchel bag and hat? They're just too sweet to look at. <3
Top and Maxi Skirt from TOPSHOP, Sandals from Forever 21
Well, It feels good when you finally had the courage to make a decision for yourself. 
I am just happy. :) Wherever this choice of mine may lead me, I'm ready. :)

Have a nice weekend lovesss! 

<3, Kryzelle

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Twenty Third

Hello everyone from a 23-year old me!:) Yey! I just turned a year older last Wednesday and it was indeed a Happy Birthday. :) 
I spent the whole day in the office but I enjoyed their small treat for me : A surprise birthday cake. Yey!:) It was so cool because my Boss' daughter and I are sharing the same birthday, same year and almost at the same time! HAHA. :D I'll show you guys the photos from my birthday on my next post. 
Anyway,what else to do to have a Happier Birthday than to Shop your hearts out! lol
Clothes, shoes and bags really make me happy. It feels like heaven when I have something to take home from a day of shopping. haha.  
Top from GAP, Pants from Bazaar
Bag from Mango, Shoes from Bershka
Do you guys have instagram? Well, what a silly question I know almost all of you have one right? haha. I just love this application and I am getting addicted to it. If you can follow me @mmmmariakryzelle then that would be a sweet post birthday gift. lol <3
This was my first birthday away from friends,family and all of my loved ones. It was sad at first, the truth is I was crying before the clock strikes 12. lol. But then my boyfriend called me all the way from the Philippines to greet me and to remind me that there are a lot of people out there who love me.:) He also bought me a cake and showed it to me on cam. He's the sweetest.<3 On the morning of my big day, I was surprised by my dad with flowers and bear.:) And also those overwhelming posts, messages, texts, calls, comments and all that hit me that I am so blessed and loved.:) Thank you so much guys! I love you from the core of my heart. <3

<3, Kryzelle:)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


As promised, here are the photos from our Christmas Party.:)
An almost complete photo of us. Some wasn't able to make it to the group photo cos they are finishing something while we are wasting time cam whoring. haha.:D
My gift is the one with the pink ribbon.:)

When I came here in Dubai, I was really afraid of working along with people with different nationalities  haha. omy yes i am such a baby!:D The feeling was like when it is the first day of school and I know no one. Well that's me, I lack self-confidence.:( But I am very thankful to be part of this family, my AMC family.:) They accepted me and believed in me since day one. They taught me things that I will take with me as long as I live. haha. cheeseyyy! Pero it's true. I super love them and I will never forget each and everyone of them kahit bumalik na ko sa Pinas.:) The year 2012 is worth looking back because of them. If other people believe in me and in what I can do then why wouldn't I? :)

Now, I am not afraid to explore and keep an eye on opportunities that are waiting for me. 
2013 I AM READY! :)