Friday, 29 June 2012

Keep It Simple :)

Lazy Days <3

I go to the office six days in a week, and normally I would try to experiment every morning what to wear. But sometimes, you would lose the urge to dress up, those are during the Lazy Days. But I always make sure that I would still look good even after toning down a bit.:)
Slim Pants from BENCH
Watch from ALDO, Belt from SM Accessories
Flats from SHOE MART

I really want to post my everyday office look but then I don't have someone to take photos of me. I miss my Mom.:( Good thing our helper in the office,Amin, is always game to photograph me. HAHA. 
Next time I'll post about how do I achieve my everyday look without having to splurge too much! I believe that looking good is not about the price of what you're wearing, it is on how you wear it. I'm sooo kuripot, just so you know. haha. :D

Till next time,
Kryzelle <3

Monday, 11 June 2012

Daddy's Girl

Almost Happy
Few more days and we need to let my Mom go back home in the Philippines. It's sad,I wish I could just keep her with us. So we make every moment, at least every Friday special and memorable for her. We went to Fujairah. It's a long ride from our place but we end up enjoying it because of the view. Anywhere you look, it was just beautiful.:)
We went to the beach just to have a picnic, oh how i missed that! I can't remember the last time I had picnic with my family. Miss them, too bad my bro and sis are not with us.:(
I decided to wear a comfortable top since I know it would be too hot,as always! But I chose to pair it with pants since I don't want my legs to be burned under the sun's heat! :) 
What I wore: Top from Forever 21, Necklace from MAX, Hat from ALDO, Sunnies from Forever 21,Pants from Bazaar Shoes from Splash.
This is my favorite photo :) My face here is neutral. Not looking very happy or very sad. Just like what I'm feeling right now. I guess I was just too fed up with everything. Oh it's a long story. I don't want to start a drama here. :) Let's just be thankful and contented with what we have. <3
I'm thankful cause despite all my problems which I don't share with my parents, I know they're always there, willing to understand and love me no matter what.
My dad took all of my solo shots, well I guess that's explains the title. :)

What do you think of my outfit here?

Love, Kryzelle :)

Friday, 1 June 2012

Desert Safari

Almost Paradise <3
Last week, we experienced a once in a lifetime adventure.:)

At first I really hesitated to go because I was thinking it would be too HOT there since it's a desert. I don't think I can take the HEAT, as in DIRECT HEAT from the sun since there's no shade there. And also I was afraid of the BUGGY RIDE! They say it is a really intense and a life threatening experience.  I was really happy that after a day or two of thinking whether to go or not, I finally gave in! And it was all worth it! 

They say you won't enjoy Dubai completely if you haven't been to Desert Safari! :)

The beautiful sand. :">
CAMEL!:) Though it doesn't smell that good,
 i still tried to smile in that photo. HAHA.
The view there was really fantastic. I can't explain. It was just beyond amazing.:)
I really enjoyed the Buggy Ride! Though i almost threw up inside the car at that time! HAHA. Good thing our driver, the one in white , is an expert! He constantly laughs while we're crying our heart out the entire ride! :D

After the Buggy and Camel ride, we went straight to this venue. Arabic style of everything, arabic food. About the food, hmm. I'm not really a fan of their type of food,it has this unexplainable taste! HAHA. But their grilled chicken and lamb was just perfect! <3
With my Mom,:) She'll be leaving Dubai on the 17th. Gonna miss her a lot! :(

What I wore: Hat from ALDO, Accessories from Splash, Top from Bazaar, Shorts from Forever 21

From now on, I'll try to experience every piece of Dubai! 

Till next time,
Love, Kryzelle <3