Sunday, 16 September 2012

On the dot

Last night we had a special dinner at Atlantis. It was my Kuya Edward's treat because he just got promoted! Clap clap! :) I'm so proud of my Kuya ( he's my cousin btw). A great son, sweet husband and a loving father to his one and only,Ej.:) I wish my future husband will be like him. haha. :D
I always smile whenever I see couples who are undeniably in love. It just inspires me! Is it weird that I treasure LOVE so much? More than anything!! I just have this belief that I can live without all those material things,money,fame,but love. <3 I'm such a hopeless romantic lady! HAHA. Are you familiar with Katy Perry's song, Not Like the Movies? I know someday, I will have my own fairy tale. <3
Top from H&M, Necklace from Forever 21
Skirt from Bazaar, Watch from Aldo,
 Purse from H&M, Sandals from Forever 21
Look at my ate and kuya, there are so NAKAKAINGGIT!! :D
What a lovely couple. Hayyyyy. <3.<3
About my look, have you noticed my love for polka dots? And the maxi skirt! It gives an illusion that I'm a 5'6'' when I'm actually a 5'3''. HAHA. :D Plus, I think Blue and Yellow just go oh so well together!:)

By the way guys, I'm sorry for my long absence. There's really no one to photograph me.Ughh. But I have to share to you my plan! HAHA. I will soon be taking up photography classes! Yay! And then I'll teach my dad. HAHA. I'm so excited to learn the basics and to meet new friends! :))
Aren't you happy for me?:)
Hope you had a great weekend! Till next time:)

Love, Kryzelle <3

Saturday, 1 September 2012


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Aside from shopping, taking photos is one of my stress relievers! :) 
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Kryzelle <3