Saturday, 24 November 2012


Hello loves! This is just a quick post about my casual day look. When you're not in the mood to dress up, just make sure to add exciting pieces like this blazer! This outfit would have been very plain and simple but with the blazer it looks more decent and classy.:)
Blazer from Splash ,Silver Top from H&M, Necklace from Aionlineshop,
Shorts from H&M, Bag from Aldo
Would you believe that my dad is the one who's taking my outfit shots? HAHA.Belated Happy Birthday to my loving Papa! :)
I love the pinch of Silver and Gold in my outfit. They are my favorite colors.:)
Don't be afraid to experiment. 

"Fashion fades, Style is eternal."

Love, Kryzelle :)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Follow your heart

Lately, I'm feeling weird and uneasy and I don't even know why. There is a part of me who's asking are you really happy with what you are doing right now? Is it really what you want? I've been google-ing these weird articles about things I must do in my 20's. Ewan kung gumagawa lang ako reasons para umuwi.haha. But no, I am torn between staying and working here, earning money and experience or to just go back to the Philippines and be with the people I love, make memories with them, and to do what my heart says. 
Curious of what i really want to do? I'll share it with you guys soon. :) I want to tell myself 20 years from now that at least I tried and followed my heart. :) Oh em! Sana magawa ko.:) (crossed-fingers :*)
On to my outfit, Okayyy. Feelingera lang! Pawisan nako sa loob niyan. HAHA. Last week, my photographer friends invited me for a photoshoot. Wala lang, gusto lang nila. hehe. 
Knowing me, basta pictures, go lang! :) I also liked their concept of Winter in Town. :D
Keri naman diba?:)
Parang nasa Korea na daw ako wala sa Dubai. haha
My whole oufit is from Ate Mabel except for the polka dress.:) 
Money can't really buy happiness. I was inspired by these photographers in terms of doing what you really want to do. No excuses. Basta you'll do it cos it makes you happy.:) They all have jobs here in Dubai but still, they spend their free time doing shoots, unpaid un. But they're happy.:) 
"Your 20's are your time to live the stories that you'll be telling for the rest of your life." 
And drama ko today! Eto ba nagagawa ng malayo sa mahal sa buhay? HAHA. :D Basta, let's all be happy and let's live life as if there's no tomorrow. :)

Thank for the photos:
Mabel Ramos
Rea Sumang
Gilbert Belleza
Feli Hernandez
Jbern Eugenio

Hair and Make-up by Josh Tan

Till next time lovesss! :)

-Kryzelle <3

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Dubai Fountain

This is what I wore during the first day of the Eid Holidays (second time ko palang mag-shorts dito, pagbigyan na! haha). I begged my Dad to allow me to wear shorts, since madami tourist siguro hindi na ako pansin neto. haha
Please excuse my malulusog na legs. haha. I don't know how to make them slimmer. They are my major insecurity! :( I really wish I have slimmer and longer legs like Camille Co! yay! :)
We went to the Dubai Mall to watch the Amazing Dubai Fountain I've been wanting to witness! I was speechless. It was so beautiful. :) I have a video on my phone but unluckily, I can't upload it, so I just posted the video from Youtube.
Blazer from Gap, Top from Mom, Shorts from Bershka,Belt from H&M, Watch from Aldo
The very famous Burj Khalifa. 
I really hope you can all see by yourself how amazing this building is. VERY STUNNING! 
I am sorry I was only using my iphone for this shot.:(
World's Largest Fountain
Photos from Google.:)
Here it is! Enjoy. :)

Dubai Fountain

Love, Kryzelle <3 

Monday, 5 November 2012

UAE Capital

Last week, we were given 3 days off for the EID Holidays ( some were given 4 days off, i envy them.HAHA.) My loving family here invited me for some road trip to Abu Dhabi. Yay! :) I really love road trips, just sitting there and watching the view pass by before me. So Relaxiiing. Kapag nasa bus/train/taxi o kahit saan ako basta ngbabyahe, di mo ko mkakausap. haha. Tulala ang lola mo.:D
Dress from Forever 21, Long Jacket from Top Shop, Sandals from F21, Sunnies from H&M
Outside the EMIRATES PALACE HOTEL. Poor us:( We were not allowed to enter since they were having a conference that time. 
With those cute lil kiddos! :)

Etihad Towers
With Ej love
Grand Mosque 

So, ayon pinagkaabalahan ko nung weekend! :D

Hope you enjoyed this small tour to Abu Dhabi! :)

Kryzelle <3 

Saturday, 3 November 2012


Two weeks ago, I was invited for a dinner at Caramel Restaurant and Lounge by my lovely Ate Aizza and her Aunt Bex. :) That day was the first day that I experienced cold wind here in Dubai. I can't wait for winter! :)
It was so nice to meet a co-blogger! Someone who can relate to you with a lot of stuffs. Ate Bex is also a fashion blogger. You can view her blog here: 
Thanks Ate for inviting me.:)
Dress from H&M, Cardigan from Bazaar, Shoes from Forever 21,Belt from H&M, Bag from LV

Time flies so fast. I'm so excited to go back to my home country! :)

Till next time,
Love , Kryzelle :)