Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Eid Mubarak!

Last week was the end of Ramadan. I'm so happy for them because finally they don't need to fast anymore.:) Can you imagine not eating from 4am I think until 7 in the evening. My goodness! I'll probably collapse everyday! So I salute every Muslim who practices their Holy tradition. KHALAS! It's time to celebrate.:) 

It is really their special holiday when people usually travel or go home to their country to celebrate with their families, for me I got to celebrate Eid ( End of Ramadan) with my cousin's family since my dad is not here.

We went to Raz Al Khaima, one of the emirates in the UAE. 

This is me cam whoring in the car. :D
We stayed in Mangrove Hotel for two nights as we explore RAK (Raz Al Khaima). On the 1st day, we went to Dream Land Aqua Park. But we only stayed there for less than an hour cos it was really hot during that day! You're sweating just by merely sitting down in the corner. Ayoko pa naman ng pinapawisan as in, nawawala ako sa mood. :/

with my ever gorgeous cousin-in-law :)
It was also my cutest pamangkin's 4th birthday!:) I already miss this kid. He's so sweet, he always gives me a hug.:) And when I need to go home after our trip, he cried. HAHA. Missyou EJ!:*
Few years from now, I would also want to have a lovely family of my own.:)
I'm pretty excited,yay!:)

Eid Mubarak once again!

Love, Kryzelle :)

Friday, 24 August 2012

Yellow Power

It has been more than a week since my last post. I'M SORRYY! Please forgive me for my laziness! :D This is just a quick post before I go to sleep after this very tiring and long dayyyyyyy. :/ 

This was taken before my dad left for the Philippines. I miss him already. It's really hard living alone cos I used to depend on him on almost everything! My tummy complains more often cause it's craving for food, I mean REAL FOOD. I dunno how to cook btw. :D
I also miss him kasi siya lang nagchachaga magpicture sakin. HAHA. :D 

Normally, you'll see people here in Dubai wearing dark colored clothes for office. But for me, it's different. I like to add color to every outfit I have cause I feel like it adds uniqueness and happy vibe to what I'm wearing and to my mood also.:) I love this dress! I feel so dalaga wearing this. :)
This was taken after work so please excuse my Haggardo Versoza face! HAHA
Dress from PROMOD, Bag from Bazaar, Belt from H&M,
 Watch from my dad, Shoes from Primadona

What do you think about this look?

Have a nice weekend! :)

Kryzelle <3

Friday, 10 August 2012

Truly Precious :)

Precious Lauren's 1st Birthday

Our whole family is more than blessed to have Precious in our lives. Her Mum and Dad waited for 10 long years for this little angel. Well, i guess that explains the dazzling party they prepared for their one and only Princess. :)
Proud Mommy and Daddy
My most favorite part of the party was the grand entrance of Precious! While we were watching the video of her, the door opened while the song The Gift was being played and there, Precious as her parent's princess.:) That was a very touching moment, It was so nakakaiyak.:'> I just can't imagine how much I would love my future babies.:)

My pretty cousins!:)
Happy Birthday to our Princess! We love you Precious <3

My outfit for that night.:)
Dress from Bazaar,Necklace from
Watch from Chopard, Ring from Aldo,Shoes from Primadona
Bag from Louis Vuitton
The color of my dress is my current favorite! Maybe because it has an instant girly and fresh vibe. I really felt comfortable wearing this curtain-looking-dress. HAHA.Did i my mention I got it for only 10 dirhams! haha. Super STEAL! I told you guys I'm sooo kuripot! :D I have a secret shopping place here which I will reveal soon.:D

Hope you enjoy this look!

Thanks to my Papa for the Photos!:)

Kryzelle <3

Friday, 3 August 2012

Dream Job.:)

I've been here in the UAE for 5 months now and I already had 3 jobs before this. Can you believe that? haha. Maybe others are thinking that I'm not serious about working but the truth is, I just want to find myself. Nuukss! HAHA. Kidding aside, I want to find a job where I can be me,where I can learn more about my thing (which is FASHION of course! ) and be happy. Bow. :D
God really has wonderful plans for you more than you have for yourself. :) Before, this is only my dream. But now I'm here. :) Sabi ko nga dati, kahit office girl lang ako. Basta sa advertising company okay na. HAHA. The feeling is unexplainable. :) And also the support I get from my families and friends, it's so overwhelming. 

 One of the reasons why I love this job is because you can wear whatever you want. You can express yourself through your chosen outfit for each day. :)
Another is that you can browse anything about fashion all day! In my previous work I need to hide and clear the history on the internet. Shhh.HAHA. But there, I feel like I'm free. :) We also receive several magazines everyday from different publishers and I can take home some copies if I want!:) 
I can also share you guys updates from the latest fashion trends to the hottest Hollywood news!haha.:D It's also nice learning how every page of the magazine is being made. It's cool actually!:) Honestly, I don't know anything about it, but this is really what I want so I will do my best to learn everything!:) 

The First Avenue Magazine brings to you the best from the world of luxury fashion, style and trends. 

Here are some Issues of our magazine:

Take a look at the highlights from the latest Fashion shows. Check out what’s trending now in the world of fashion and designer wear. :)

I'm DROOLING. haha. Okay. Ayoko lumevel sa kanila kaya hahabaan ko to. HAHA. I'm done with my first week of work with my new home and family.:) And OMYGOD! I'm going gaga about this one!!! My company also holds a franchise of four international high street fashion brands here in the UAE!  What's more exciting is that I can get discounts!!! I'm in cloud 9 right now.:) haha. I'll feature those brands on my next post!:)
Top from Bazaar, Mullet skirt from ZARA, Belt from H&M, Necklace from F21, Watch from Aldo, Pumps from Primadona

So much for this long post!:) 
Till next time,

Love,kryzelle :)