Friday, 29 June 2012

Keep It Simple :)

Lazy Days <3

I go to the office six days in a week, and normally I would try to experiment every morning what to wear. But sometimes, you would lose the urge to dress up, those are during the Lazy Days. But I always make sure that I would still look good even after toning down a bit.:)
Slim Pants from BENCH
Watch from ALDO, Belt from SM Accessories
Flats from SHOE MART

I really want to post my everyday office look but then I don't have someone to take photos of me. I miss my Mom.:( Good thing our helper in the office,Amin, is always game to photograph me. HAHA. 
Next time I'll post about how do I achieve my everyday look without having to splurge too much! I believe that looking good is not about the price of what you're wearing, it is on how you wear it. I'm sooo kuripot, just so you know. haha. :D

Till next time,
Kryzelle <3

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