Saturday, 19 January 2013

Wherever the wind takes me

Just a quick post of what I wore yesterday during our picnic at the Dubai Creek Park. It was actually freezing cold here and for those who's wondering why I am wearing a sleeveless top, well not really! I have my cardigan with me of course!:) Summer is really my favorite time of the year and I miss the heat already! Can't wait to experience Philippines' Summer once again! :)
Don't you just love my satchel bag and hat? They're just too sweet to look at. <3
Top and Maxi Skirt from TOPSHOP, Sandals from Forever 21
Well, It feels good when you finally had the courage to make a decision for yourself. 
I am just happy. :) Wherever this choice of mine may lead me, I'm ready. :)

Have a nice weekend lovesss! 

<3, Kryzelle

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