Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Do you guys love picnics with family and friends? :) If yes, then maybe you'll enjoy one of the famous parks here in Dubai. This is the latest spot I've been to. Hope you'll love the photos sweeties.:)
Relaxing, eh? 
Emoterang frog. HAHA :D
Daming babies! Cutie Patoties! :))

1 more week and I'm ready to go back home. I can't explain the feeling. Surely, I will miss this beautiful city and I will take with me not only these photos but the experiences and wonderful friendship I've built during my stay. Thank you, Dubai. You will always have a special place in my heart. <3 Cheesy much! lol 

Anyway, I'm set to go to Jumeirah Beach Park this weekend where I can see the beautiful view of Burj Al Arab. I've been dying to take a photo there! Hindi kumpleto stay sa Dubai kapag walang picture don! :P So stay tuned for that.:) Most probably, that would be the last place I can show you. But who knows Dubai and I will meet again.:) 

Love, Kryzelle <3

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  1. Lovely maxi skirt, love the color too! Lovely look!!