Monday, 9 July 2012


This is one of my "ang-bait-ni-kryzelle " looks. HAHA. :) I don't know why but I really felt like I'm so mabait and feminine while in this dress. Weird. :D Just ignore my weirdness, heartbroken kasi. :'>

I bought this dress at the Dubai Flea Market. OMG! I'm so excited to post about that event and also to show you my purchases! HAHA. Shopping makes me sooo happy. :)) Literally, I forget about all my problems whenever I see clothes. Cloud 9. : D

Headband from Forever 21, Watch from Timex,
 Bag from Stylehub, Shoes from Primadona
This dress has no label but I love it! :) Well, that's me when it comes to shopping. I don't care about the brand or price, for me that's not important,as long as it looks good on you and you feel comfortable with it, BUY ASAP!! haha :D
Oh diba lakas mka-girlyyy! :)

This week has been tough for me but I'm trying to just shift my focus on things I love doing, like dressing up and blogging :) Let's just be thankful for the things that we still have, cause we don't know when it will be taken away from us. :'> Whatever happens, I'll try to be stronger this time! :) Okay, enough for the drama. :)

Smile everyone! Hope you enjoy this look! :)

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