Thursday, 25 October 2012

Feeling Barbie in the City

Last week, I was invited to join a Photo shoot for a cause for a child with Leukemia. She is Lea Joven, a Filipino kid, who's struggling to fight her sickness. Who am I to say no? I lost two of my family members before due to cancer so I know how hard it is for them.:(

It was such a great feeling knowing that I have helped in raising money for her treatment.:) She is a girl full of hope that one day she can also play outside like an ordinary kid does. Please help me pray for Lea and for her full recovery. I'll blog the other details and photos on my next post.

On to my outfit, doesn't it shout "Barbie-ness"? HAHA. I really love this pink dress that I bought from Zara. It is just me, very girly. :) And it is also in the theme for this month's Breast Cancer Awareness (although I'm late i know! :p). Let's all fight that freakiiiiin CANCER!! :)
Dress from ZARA, Shoes from Primadona, Watch from my Dad :) , Bag from Louis Vuitton
Life is beautiful and so are you. :)

Have a nice weekend lovesss! 

<3,  Kryzelle :)

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