Friday, 14 December 2012


Last month,(OMG this is a super late post. haha), we celebrated my Dad's Birthday at Musandam, Oman. It is one of my UAE experiences that I will never forget.:) Okayyyy, time to relax guys! Enjoy the photos.:)
Perfect weather.:)
The pick up time for us, tourists (nuks!), was at around 7:30am here in Dubai. It was a three hour trip by bus, so I had enough time to sleep and prepare myself for the day.:)
OMAN is still part of the UAE but within a different Arab State so they still checked our passports and visas before we can cross there.
Yey! Welcome to Oman!:)
Amazing view everywhere. Gaaaaahh.
Tourists enjoying the beach. For me, mga 15 mins lang ako sa tubig. haha. Takot ako umitim! lol. And also, the water is too salty, sakit sa eyes! :D
Beautiful OMAN.:)
My dad tried FISHING just to kill the time. Nakatulog nako at nagising wala pa din siya nahuhuli. HAHA.
Happy Birthday Pop!:)

I never thought I would see something so beautiful like this place. Kala ko puro sa pictures ko lang makikita. What a wonderful world it is.:))
We also tried this Banana Boat ride. Sarap ulit-ulitin! haha. But the sad part is, my knee got hurt during our ride. Ang laki ng pasa ko:( Pero okay lang. Keri lang ng isa pa. :D
This is where we stayed for the whole day. Just sailing by the sea. Sobrang relaxing.:)
I wanna go back!
Let's go back?:)
So that ends my Oman trip. Hope you love the photos as much as I love them!:)
Till my next adventure! Dora lang ang peg.haha.

Love, Kryzelle <3

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