Saturday, 24 November 2012


Hello loves! This is just a quick post about my casual day look. When you're not in the mood to dress up, just make sure to add exciting pieces like this blazer! This outfit would have been very plain and simple but with the blazer it looks more decent and classy.:)
Blazer from Splash ,Silver Top from H&M, Necklace from Aionlineshop,
Shorts from H&M, Bag from Aldo
Would you believe that my dad is the one who's taking my outfit shots? HAHA.Belated Happy Birthday to my loving Papa! :)
I love the pinch of Silver and Gold in my outfit. They are my favorite colors.:)
Don't be afraid to experiment. 

"Fashion fades, Style is eternal."

Love, Kryzelle :)


  1. Lovely! I miss shopping at Splash! That blazer is really something I would go for.. Stay Fab!

  2. That's a steal ate! Super aliw! hehe. Thank you! Hope to see you again!:)

    1. I am finalizing another post. Hope you drop by my blog soon(tomorrow). I'm sure you will miss Makati (hint hint). Hope to see you too! :)