Friday, 3 August 2012

Dream Job.:)

I've been here in the UAE for 5 months now and I already had 3 jobs before this. Can you believe that? haha. Maybe others are thinking that I'm not serious about working but the truth is, I just want to find myself. Nuukss! HAHA. Kidding aside, I want to find a job where I can be me,where I can learn more about my thing (which is FASHION of course! ) and be happy. Bow. :D
God really has wonderful plans for you more than you have for yourself. :) Before, this is only my dream. But now I'm here. :) Sabi ko nga dati, kahit office girl lang ako. Basta sa advertising company okay na. HAHA. The feeling is unexplainable. :) And also the support I get from my families and friends, it's so overwhelming. 

 One of the reasons why I love this job is because you can wear whatever you want. You can express yourself through your chosen outfit for each day. :)
Another is that you can browse anything about fashion all day! In my previous work I need to hide and clear the history on the internet. Shhh.HAHA. But there, I feel like I'm free. :) We also receive several magazines everyday from different publishers and I can take home some copies if I want!:) 
I can also share you guys updates from the latest fashion trends to the hottest Hollywood news!haha.:D It's also nice learning how every page of the magazine is being made. It's cool actually!:) Honestly, I don't know anything about it, but this is really what I want so I will do my best to learn everything!:) 

The First Avenue Magazine brings to you the best from the world of luxury fashion, style and trends. 

Here are some Issues of our magazine:

Take a look at the highlights from the latest Fashion shows. Check out what’s trending now in the world of fashion and designer wear. :)

I'm DROOLING. haha. Okay. Ayoko lumevel sa kanila kaya hahabaan ko to. HAHA. I'm done with my first week of work with my new home and family.:) And OMYGOD! I'm going gaga about this one!!! My company also holds a franchise of four international high street fashion brands here in the UAE!  What's more exciting is that I can get discounts!!! I'm in cloud 9 right now.:) haha. I'll feature those brands on my next post!:)
Top from Bazaar, Mullet skirt from ZARA, Belt from H&M, Necklace from F21, Watch from Aldo, Pumps from Primadona

So much for this long post!:) 
Till next time,

Love,kryzelle :)

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